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LogMeIn was founded in Budapest in 1998 with the goal of simplifying the way people connect to each other and the world around them.




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Simplifying how people connect to their colleagues, employees, devices and the world around them to solve some of the world’s most complex problems, LogMeIn has grown to become one of the world’s leading SaaS companies with over 1000 employees in offices around the world. Having connected over 300 million devices since 2003, we have not only capitalized on but fueled the modern way of working – remote, efficient, mobile, productive. And we’re continuing to transform business and lives by helping build the “Internet of Things”. All of this is possible through our simple edifying belief that possibilities increase with connectivity.



Board of directors

Yearly reports


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William Wagner

President & Chief Executive Officer

Edward K. Herdiech

Chief Financial Officer

W. Sean Ford

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew P. Kaplan

Senior Vice President of Products

Larry D’Angelo

Senior Vice President, Sales

Sandor Palfy

Chief Technology Officer

"TJ" Ewing

Vice President, Global Operations & Managing Director

Rob Lawrence

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Michael J. Donahue

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Connected products & customers

Xively, Boldchat, Rescue

Online meetings & collab.

Access & IT management

Meldium, LogMeIn Central, LogMeIn Pro, LastPass

LogMeIn isn’t just a product. It’s a company with the simple edifying belief that possibilities increase with connectivity. Our portfolio of products shares a common purpose: To connect humans with humans, humans with machines, and machines with machines.

Xively enables companies to securely and robustly connect their products, manage data from those connections, and engage more closely with their customers.

Xively, BoldChat and Rescue are ready to help companies stay connected to customers and objects.

The next big thing in IoT

An even closer customer relation

Premium support with one click is an intuitive online meeting solution that’s built and priced for everyone. It’s ideal for sales demos, idea generation, external presentations and ad hoc get-togethers.

The new world of meeting

LogMeIn Pro gives individuals and teams fast, easy remote access. IT pros and larger organizations use LogMeIn Central, Meldium, and LastPass to help save time and money.

One click to rule them all

Take control

Work from anywhere, anytime

The last password you'll ever have to remember

Life at LogMeIn

We’re looking for people with passion for their job. People who think out of the box. Who are team players who aren’t afraid to overcome problems others haven’t even heard about. Workplace droids aren't welcome here. Do you question everything? Then you’re for us.

Our Budapest and Szeged offices are both centrally located. You can come to work by metro (at least in Budapest), bus, tram, trolley, car, motorbike, bike, monocycle, scooter, rollerblade, skateboard, hoverboard, long board – Heck, you can even walk. 

Our offices are designed for folks who work hard and play hard: You’ll find sound-proof carpets, height adjustable desks, teamwork areas, conference rooms and large social spaces. One little bonus is that we celebrate both American Independence Day (The Fourth of July) and the day of Hungary's foundation (August 20).

Looking to level up? Then we're looking for you!

Learn about our Trainee Program for students and career starters. 10 minutes and some curiousity is all it takes. 

Create an Event

Need a space to host your event?

The LogMeIn center in Budapest hosts countless (rather countable) events. Hackatons, meetups, professional events. Our doors are open! Event descriptions are available only in Hungarian.


LogMeIn Labs
Paulay Ede Street 12


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Budapest 1061

Paulay Ede street 12.


The 500 square meter ground floor of our Budapest office, known as the Innovation Lab, acts as a flexible venue for a range of public and closed-door events. Whether a high profile conference, a tech meet-up or a small workshop, we are open to anything. We are looking to host events linked to our corporate profile on weekdays from late afternoon. 

The Innovation Lab is easily accessed from Paulay Ede utca and offers kitchen facilities and a range of vending machines. Nobody goes hungry or thirsty at LogMeIn.



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szeptember (2015)

IoT Workshop


LogMeIn és az IoT. Két név, ami összeforr, mint a kábelek, amiket itt forrasztunk. Egy rendhagyó, “kezünket összekoszoló” meetup


Szervezés alatt

Full Stack Meetup


Egy rendezvény neked ha a PHP, Clean Code, Saltstack, Continuous Integration és Delivery dobogtatja meg a szíved

Microsoft & Logmein Enterprise Developer Meetup


Két cég egy platformon. Feltétlen nézz be erre a sorozatra, ha Azure kék a táj amerre csak nézel.

október (2015)

Angular JS Meetup


Mire jó az AngularJS? Miért jó neked? Ezen a meetupon erre a kérdésre áll mód választ találni.

#5 IoT Workshop


LogMeIn és az IoT. Két név, ami összeforr, mint a kábelek, amiket itt forrasztunk. Egy rendhagyó, “kezünket összekoszoló” meetup

NodeBP Meetup


A meetup Node.js-ről kezdőknek, haladóknak és bárkinek aki szereti a javascriptet. A sorozat mind a frontendeseknek, a backendeseknek és devopsoknak is. No és persze nem maradhat el a fun rész, mint a nodebot- és quadrocopter építés a meetupjainkon.

Microsoft LogMeIn Enterprise Developer Meetup


Két cég egy platformon. Feltétlen nézz be erre a sorozatra, ha Azure kék a táj amerre csak nézel.

november (2015)

AngularJS Meetup


Mire jó az AngularJS? Miért jó neked? Ezen a meetupon erre kérdésekre áll mód választ találni.

Microsoft LogMeIn Enterprise Developer Meetup


Két cég egy platformon. Feltétlen nézz be erre a sorozatra, ha Azure kék a táj amerre csak nézel.


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Tech blog

Five things Angular 1 developers will love about Angular 2

08-02-2016 / Benedek Gagyi

Our Corporate and Tech blogs are available in Hungarian and/or English, but the US Blog is English only.

Corporate blog

US blog

Somewhere, over the rainbow

We give our team members plenty of chances to do their part for the community. For example, each year the local Red Cross comes looking for blood. So to speak. Or if you can’t give blood, you can be a mentor at CoderDojo, applying your skills to help the next generation get excited about coding. What's more, our Volunteer Day program makes it easy to give one workday per year to any of a number of chosen non-profit organizations.

Coder Dojo


Do you have a child? Between the age of 10-14? Opens the computer straight out of bed? Wants to be an IT engineer? You should come together and learn about SW development at the next CoderDojo at our office!


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While our products are building the future, no question that we also want to sponsor the talents of future, mostly in the area of math, physics, and IT. Currently we have the under mentioned sponsorships.



The future is important for us, and the future starts today! We are sponsoring private foundations and civil organizations in their effort to educate the future generations mostly in the area of mathematics, physics, and IT.


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Press releases

From our Newsroom, with love

In the news

What they wrote about us

Downloadable Materials

Logos, screenshots, photos about us and our products

American peeps say we are in the Funky Zone: we are no longer a start up, but we are not yet a global giant, so we can be as open as we want to. On these pages you will find press releases, downloadable material and information on how to contact us directly.

Designing Customer-Centric Mobile Support Experiences

20-10-2015 / 1to1 media

One of the best pieces of advice that's offered by customer experience professionals is that when it comes to designing a customer experience, be sure to approach it from the customer's point of view. This axiom is especially applicable when crafting mobile customer experiences.

3 New Acquisitions That Are Boosting Boston Tech

16-10-2015 / BostInno

In Boston tech, we do a lot of hand-wringing over our companies getting snapped up by out-of-state players. So let's talk for a second about some of the Boston companies that are doing the acquiring.

LogMeIn Acquires LastPass for $110 Million

13-10-2015 / MSPmentor

Software-as-a-service provider LogMeIn has acquired LastPass for $110 million in cash.

How to build trust in the mobile marketplace

02-10-2015 / betanews

Whether browsing through Amazon on a tablet or flicking through the latest offers on our mobile phones, we’ve grown accustomed to the digital shopping experience. However, it’s one thing to do your weekly shop from an iPad, and quite another to book a holiday abroad.

LogMeIn Marks Fort Point Expansion By Showing Off Neighborhood Artists

19-08-2015 / BostInno

Back in December, Mayor Marty Walsh addressed the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce where he outlined a handful of initiatives aimed at fostering and retaining tech and startup companies, thereby supporting them and helping them plant roots deeply in Boston's socioeconomic landscape.

BostInno Approved: The Startup Events to Know About This Week (8/17-8/23)

17-08-2015 / BostInno

Reality check, techies: There's just about one month left of summer. What does that mean? Well, aside from the upcoming influx of students flooding the city and imminent return of pumpkin beer, it means it's time to make the most of the unique networking opportunities the warmer season provides.

Mobile collaboration could save SMEs headaches during the tube strike

06-08-2015 / Talk Business

Stephen Duignan, VP of International Marketing, LogMeIn, explains why employers should look to mobile collaboration to save headaches during the tube strike.

Tube strike survival: 5 remote working tools

06-08-2015 / Computer Business Review

Worried about how your employees will deal with travel turmoil? Try these remote working tools.


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